Industrial Automation

Parallel Grippers with H-Shaped Guide | Series CGPM

Accurate, light and resilient

Accurate, light and resilient

Our self-centering, parallel grippers with an H-shaped guide are available in 5 sizes with standard or long stroke. Because of the materials and surface coating used, the gripper offers protection against the entry of impurities as well as enhanced reliability and high performance over time for the most common applications in the industrial and assembly sectors.

Its compact size, high repeatability and rapid opening and closing speeds make these pneumatic grippers particularly suitable for applications like Pick & Place, insertion of small objects and machine tending on automated processes with high or long production cycles.


  • Robust, compact and light design
  • High reliability
  • Free from Copper, Silicone and PTFE
  • High closing/opening repeatability
  • Protected from penetration by impurities (IP40)


  • Assembly